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  • Tetris Prism Scarf

Knit this reversible tetris scarf to show off your love of the classic game!

Tetris is one of my all time favorite games. Something about how the blocks fit together speaks to me. I designed the Tetris Prism Scarf to feature a Tetris game on both ends, with falling blocks along the length of the scarf. Each end has two different possible designs you can choose to knit, for either a well played game or a poorly played game! I imagine it as two people playing a Tetris battle.

Double knit, this scarf is fully reversible, featuring opposite color schemes on each side. Tetris is a colorful game, so I used a rainbow colored yarn to really make the pieces pop.

Full instructions are included for the double knitting technique. The finished length is approximately 60 inches (152 cm). The length can be increased or decreased by approximately 15 inch (38 cm) intervals. The color work design is chart only, not written instructions.


  • Size 2 US (2.75 mm) needles.
  • Size 1 US (2.25 mm) needles (optional for a neater cast on edge).
  • Approximately 350-400 yards each of two contrasting colors of fingering weight yarn for a 60 inch (152 cm) length scarf.
  • Needle to weave in ends.

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