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Lisa Hannan Fox
My name is Lisa Hannan Fox, designer of Nifty Knitter Designs. I’m from Northern California, and in addition to knitting, I also cross stitch, crochet, and occasionally sew. When I’m not crafting, I enjoy hiking, backpacking, figure skating, and playing video games.

I started knitting in the beginning of 2011. I had crocheted when I was a kid and cross stitched most of my life and was ready for something new, so I asked my mom to teach me to knit. She taught me the basics — cast on, bind off, knit, and purl.

After a little practice, I immediately launched into my first project, a 2×2 forest green ribbed scarf. I took to it quickly and the scarf came out great, thus starting my addiction.

I started devouring knitting projects, one after another, and soon started designing my very first project, a giant tetris afghan. After working on it off and on for five years, I finally finished it and published the pattern, along with other patterns I had designed in the meantime.

I am always looking for new knitting techniques and new types of projects to complete. I love the challenge, and I love being able to sit and make something useful with my hands from nothing more than yarn and some tools. Plus, if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, I’m well equipped to make socks, sweaters and blankets for everyone!

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