Book Lover Scarf Pattern – 20% Off for First Week!

Book Lover ScarfBook Lover Scarf

Book Lover ScarfBook Lover ScarfBook Lover Scarf

Readers rejoice! You can proudly show off your love of books with this Book Lover Scarf. The length of the scarf is rows and rows of bookshelves with an open book and the word “READ” at each end. Wear it to your next book club meeting or on a trip to the library.

Double knit, the scarf is fully reversible, featuring opposite color schemes on each side. Full instructions are included for the double knitting technique. For the “READ” text, an optional chart is included such that the text is readable on both sides (not backwards). The finished length is approximately 55 inches (140 cm), and can easily be increased or decreased in 11 inch (28 cm) intervals.

In honor of NaNoWriMo, Book Lover Scarf is 20% off on Ravelry for the first week!

View more details about the pattern here or buy this pattern now on Ravelry or Etsy.

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