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Welcome! You can read about me on the About page, so rather than introducing myself, I’m going to talk about why I love knitting.

There are two main reasons why knitting really speaks to me. The first is simply that I love crafting. I love being able to take materials and make something out of them. From some yarn and a few tools, you can use knitting to create such awesome items as sweaters, socks, even stuffed animals. There are so many different ways to create knit fabric that the possibilities are endless. You can see as much when you look at just how many patterns are published on a site like Ravelry.com daily! Crafting is alive and well even in this modern age.

The second reason why I love knitting is that it is a form of meditation for me. The repetitive motions of the needles and the tactile sensations of the yarn and needles help me relax and focus. I don’t have any experience with traditional meditation, and I’m usually doing something like watching TV while I knit. Nonetheless, knitting clears my mind, relaxes me, and helps me focus on whatever else is happening around me. Granted, some knitting patterns are more complicated than others and require a little more focus, but there are many that just allow you to get in a rhythm. I can knit for hours upon hours at a time.

If you’re new here, check out my Knitting Patterns. I’ve only just started designing, but I already have one pattern published and a few more in the works. I plan to add many more!

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